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Part 107 Licensed

While the finished product is our utmost concern, we also take immense pride in our skills as remote pilots and our knowledge of FAA regulated airspace and how to best navigate it. Click below to learn more about Drone Geek Productions and why it is important you only hire Part 107 Licensed pilots.

How Drones Can Be Used

Drones open a world of possibilities that spans many different industries. Obvious applications of drone technology might be for aesthetic cinematography or photography, but have you ever considered how else drones can be used?


Crop and property inspections are extremely important to farmers and agricultural companies as it gives them a pulse on their projected output and facilities.


Site and land surveying can be crucial to construction or landscaping projects by providing progress reports to forecasting potential conflicts or outcomes.


Drones can be used in real-time for infrastructure and logistics screenings. The data drones can collect in the air is incredibly beneficial to understanding the integrity of the systems that make us “go.”


“Chris [Drone Geek] was very responsive when we reached out with a need for some aerial footage of our new Cargas building downtown. He was communicative, thorough, and did a great job in getting us the footage in a timely manner. We loved working with him and will definitely be reaching out for more in the future!”

– Farid Widjaya, Cargas Systems

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Drone Geek, Lancaster

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