A French Pilgrimage in 2019 (video)

I just returned from a trip to France, a country that has come into my personal focus due to the results of a recent 23&Me test, and the experience has changed so much of how I view the world around me.

My girlfriend and I took off from Harrisburg International Airport on November 20th en route to Philadelphia International Airport. From there, we brushed up on our French and got excited about all of the possibilities this trip could bring us as our next stop was Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris. While our original plan was to start in Paris and tour our way down to the southern coast of France, we changed our minds about three weeks out and opted to fly from Charles de Gaulle to the Nice Côte d’Azur Airport and start our journey in the south. Our entire trek looked something like this:

To summarize the map, we started our journey in the city of Nice on November 21st; worked our way over to Avignon by way of car where we stayed from November 22nd to 23rd; stopped by Montpellier for the afternoon on our way to Toulouse; arrived in Toulouse and stayed from November 23rd to 24th; hopped a train from Toulouse to Tours before driving to Amboise where we would hunker down from November 24th to 26th; backtrack to Tours for a brief stay until the 27th; and then take one more train to Paris, where we would stay for the remainder of our trip from November 27th to December 2nd.

I would go into detail about all of the things we did on the trip, but I feel as though that would make this entry extremely lengthy and lose sight of what this blog is about – drones and the moments they capture. Instead, I put together a video (using the Mavic 2 Zoom) outlining just some of the things we saw during our journey. Enjoy!

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28-year-old Pennsylvanian armed with nothing more than a drone and a passion for sharing.

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