The Secret Passage Under Route 30 (Video)

Photo: The Amphitheater at Long’s Park in Lancaster County, PA

I moved to Lancaster about two years ago and even after all of this time I still find new things that surprise or intrigue me. One that I found about a year ago just came to mind and it’s very useful for anyone looking to visit Long’s Park without having to fight for a parking spot during the peak busy times.

Between the east-end of the Park City Mall and the west-side of Long’s Park is a tunnel (it’s really just a walking path that passes under Route 30, but calling it a tunnel is more fun) that is accessible to all foot traffic between the two locations.

While this may not be groundbreaking news, it will certainly make life easier for people who struggle with heavy traffic or finding parking spots in a crowded area. Whether you’re trying to get to the mall or trying to get to the park, it’s guaranteed to be convenient for you one way or another! Take a look:

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