The Mavic Mini Giveaway is Officially ON!!!

Photo: After a long and arduous trek from China to Pennsylvania, the Mavic Mini has arrived and is officially on the line! Visit my Instagram page, follow me, like at least one of my posts, and share my profile with your friends to enter!

The day has finally arrived! I’m giving away a MAVIC MINI to one of my lucky Instagram followers!

When I created Drone Geek, Lancaster, I knew I wanted to do something big right out of the gate. I wasn’t sure what that would be though. At first I thought about giving away a drone battery of somebody’s choosing or a subscription to a drone related service for “x” number of months, but nothing seemed to quite fit the bill.

That is until the Mavic Mini became the next big (or small) thing in entry-level consumer drones.

To enter, go to my Instagram and FOLLOW MY PAGE, LIKE AT LEAST ONE POST, and SHARE MY PAGE WITH ONE OR MORE OF YOUR FRIENDS! You must be following my page at the time of the drawing and you must complete all three requirements to be considered in the running. Failure to meet these standards will eliminate you from contention.

Good luck!

Published by The Drone Geek

28-year-old Pennsylvanian armed with nothing more than a drone and a passion for sharing.

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