The FAA Remote ID Protest (Video)

Photo: I attended the protest against the FAA’s proposed remote ID legislation at Hancock Park in Washington, D.C. Hundreds of people showed up throughout the course of the event and spoke out against the legislation.

It was only fitting that our community of mavericks and renegades band together to fight against oppression. I just wish the stakes weren’t so high for so many when it comes to their rights and privileges to take to the skies and do what they love.

On Saturday, February 29th a portion of the drone community took over Hancock Park in Washington D.C. as a display of our distaste for the remote ID legislation proposed by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). I won’t make this entry too long as the video I made will give you a general idea of what went down, but if you want to learn more about the remote ID proposal in layman’s terms, check out the entry I posted on February 26th.

To give you a quick recap of my day, I left Lancaster, PA at 6:00 AM EST and started the trek to D.C. I arrived to the nation’s capitol at around 8:15 AM and the turnout at that point was not impressive. I was nervous for the cause as there were only about 25 people huddled in a corner of the park with signs and other propaganda at the ready — the ratio of signs to people was about 20 to 1.

Between the 35 degree weather with wind chill bringing it down closer to 20 degrees and a seemingly abysmal turnout, I was afraid that the protest would be all for not. It wasn’t until around 9:30 AM that the cavalry arrived and our numbers swelled from around 25 to what I estimated to be about 100. With a stronger wind behind our sails, we marched around the FAA headquarters and made our presence known, the number of participants growing as we carried on.

By about 10:30 AM we had more than 250 people in attendance.

We were going full-boar with chants, demonstrations, speeches, media setups and more — creating opportunities for anyone and everyone to express themselves and their feelings about the FAA’s reckless proposition. It was an inspiring site to see people from all walks of life come together and fight for something they are truly passionate about: the freedom of flight.

I had to bail early from the event at about 12:30 PM — it was ridiculously cold and I was beginning to succumb to the effects of the harsh temperatures, but many others soldiered on into the evening. I can’t say I was as tough as them, but I can say that I stood by them for as long as I could. They made me proud. All of us and our efforts made me proud to say I belong to this community and that I consider each one of them a friend by extension. I hope you enjoy my vlog about the event. Dropping a like and subscribing to my YouTube channel and/or any of my social media platforms helps me out tremendously — so feel free to do that…please?

Remember to #fightforfpv. Do not let them clip our wings.

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