My First Drone Decal – A Half-Baked Review

Photo: My Mavic 2 Zoom with a sick new look after being wrapped!

When I purchased my Mavic 2 Zoom, I thought it was sleek and sexy. The gunmetal grey body paired with silver accents just gave it that cool, secret agent vibe that I wanted in my drone, especially after graduating up from a bulky, white Phantom 3 aircraft. Not only did it pack a punch with a bunch of new features, but it was cool to look at too.

Like any relationship, things got a little vanilla as we became more comfortable with each other. I learned how the Mavic 2 handled and what it was capable of when it came to capturing shots and it learned that I sometimes don’t think everything through when I start flying (i.e. my crash while filming for the Christmas Lights of Lancaster County video). There was a brief moment where it just didn’t feel as exciting anymore. I still loved my drone and loved flying it, but it just didn’t give me the joy that it did when it was brand new.

That is until we decided to spice things up by wrapping the Mavic 2 and giving it a brand new look.

I had always heard horror stories about body wraps for drones. A few pilots talked about the wraps hiding stress fractures in the fuselage that had consequences ranging from mild to devastating. Other pilots reported that their wrap came off mid-flight and wreaked havoc on the propellers and motors, bringing the aircraft to the ground in spectacularly efficient fashion. Overall, the reports I received were not good, with exception to one wrap from a company in Delaware — DecalGirl.

Every review I had received from pilots that applied DecalGirl decals to their drone were sparkling. The cuts were perfect and fit the body of their UAS well, the quality was top-notch, and while the decal was easy to peel off and reapply for a short period of time after initial application, there were no complaints of it coming off mid-flight. Everything seemed perfect and I’m happy to report that it truly was just that.

I got to work and began designing my custom Drone Geek, Lancaster wrap for the Mavic 2. A rogue, but sexy matte black finish paired with a contrasting set of bright white accents screaming at the top of their lungs about Drone Geek and where you can find me filled my computer screen. The process of design is addicting because, if you think outside the box, DecalGirl’s custom design tool can be fairly flexible for you. Even after I was finished designing this wrap, I found myself pouring at least another 90 minutes into design more wraps for future use. I had to stop myself and physically walk away from my computer to get it to stop.

I did have a small SNAFU with my order where the logos I uploaded were too large file-wise and could not be applied. The first shipment contained a wrap that was great quality, but missing a few logos from my original design. Luckily not only does DecalGirl create a great quality wrap for your drone or just about any other device, they also have incredible no-nonsense customer service representatives. It took me just 2 short e-mails to DecalGirl with photos of the issue and they had a solution for me the same day I lodged my complaint. It was the most graceful interaction I’ve ever had with a call center.

Application of the wrap was seamless. I didn’t need any direction from YouTube or online forums. It was as simple as peel, line-up, and press. Done. There were a few places it got a bit hairy for me – especially the panels along the left and right sides of the aircraft where a portion of the wrap is cut very thin and another portion wraps around a side sensor. After carefully applying and reapplying, I finally got it to sit the way it was meant to sit on the drone and, man, did it look hot!

They even have a wrap included for your remote controller!

I was so excited to put the wrap on that I forgot to make a video tutorial on how to do it as I went along. In hindsight, I should have done that, but you can’t change the past! When the time comes to get a new wrap, I’ll make sure I set up a camera and do a walkthrough!

Thank you to all of the folks that gave me advice on drone decals and body wraps and a special “thank you” to DecalGirl for a stellar product paired with phenomenal customer service!

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28-year-old Pennsylvanian armed with nothing more than a drone and a passion for sharing.

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