Lancaster City Restaurant Week 2020 (Video)

You know what’s awesome? Lancaster City Restaurant Week. You know what’s not awesome? Being on a diet during Lancaster City Restaurant Week.

This is the conundrum I found myself in during the first full week of March, where the city of Lancaster’s food service establishments celebrated Restaurant Week. I’ve been on a personal weight loss/muscle building journey for about the last year or so and I hit a stride in early February that I don’t want to backslide on. So, I had to make a decision: Fully enjoy Restaurant Week to make a full-length recap video with multiple restaurants and multiple dishes on display or skip the content for my own bodily health and stay on the straight and narrow?

I opted to compromise with myself and pick one night to go out and enjoy a restaurant’s special menu for the celebratory week.

I’m a foodie — that’s a nice way of saying my inner-fat kid is overactive at times. I love going out to eat and having my favorite foods. I’ve been to many restaurants in Lancaster and I can tell you that the food scene here is pretty dope. A wide variety of foods from different regions of the world, cultures, and genres spoil my tastebuds on a weekly basis.

I went to the Lancaster City Restaurant Week website to see what restaurants would be participating in the event and found the usual (and delicious) culprits like Altana, Amorette, Annie Bailey’s, the Belvedere, Barberet, Cafe One Eight, Cork & Cap, Federal Taphouse, Lancaster Brewing Company, Levengoods, Prince Street Cafe, Rachel’s Creperie, Souvlaki Boys, and many more. That being said, I decided that I wanted to eat somewhere that I hadn’t been to in the past.

That’s when I stumbled upon C’est La Vie. I traveled to France last November for vacation and loved every moment of it — particularly the food. Having the opportunity to eat French-inspired food in Lancaster at a great price was too much to pass up. The deal they were offering was a 3 course meal for $40. You can find the offerings for those courses on the Restaurant Week website, but here is the combination I went with:

  • First Course: Crab Deviled Eggs
  • Second Course: Coquille St. Jacques
  • Third Course: Lemon Meringue

I did put together a small video tribute to the annual week-long holiday in Lancaster City. It’s not quite as in-depth as I originally envisioned it, but I think it gets the message across: there are a ton of great places to eat in Lancaster. Enjoy!

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