7 Tips for Cinematic Drone Footage

Today we’re going over 7 things you can do to capture the most stunning shots possible with your drone. These strategies are intended strictly for those of us looking to shoot video with our drone, but there may be some crossover for those who lean toward photography, so stick around even if video isn’t necessarily “your jam.”

No More Drone Waivers?!

Rounding out a year loaded with societal strife, the Federal Aviation Administration came out with a series of rules that would be implemented or changed in the near future. The rule that received the most spotlight was regarding the Remote ID requirement that will take effect in 2023.

The Art of the Niche: Using Drones to Generate Income

Perhaps the biggest challenge when it comes to flying drones commercially is understanding how to utilize your aerial tool to generate income. Whether you are flying for cash to offset the costs of this rather expensive hobby or attempting to make a full-time career out of it, the challenge remains the same overall: how do I get companies to pay me to use my drone?

Top 5 Drone YouTube Channels

YouTube is king of the Millennial generation and leaks into both Gen-X and Gen-Z as the top video hosting platform. It is also a leader in both the entertainment and social media categories allowing for users to create their own profiles as well as enjoy a range of video content from user-generated to even full-fledged cable programming. Looking at such a juicy proposition, any drone pilot would be salivating at the opportunity to become a face of the community on YouTube.

Part 107 License: What’s all the Fuss?

It’s the aerial entrepreneur’s first time being slapped with the reality of government regulation. The dreaded Part 107 certification. It’s a necessary “evil.” Whether you are new to the game or you have taken the Part 107 test before, this article will touch on the importance of attaining a Part 107 certification before flying commercially and provide some leads for where you can find the best study materials for the initial and recurrent versions of the test.

Looking to Buy a Drone? Read This First.

Whether you’re looking to fly for fun or you want to start a business that either revolves around or includes the use of unmanned aerial systems, it can be a scary and confusing world to jump into — especially since some of the price tags can get steep. That’s where I come in to offer advice.

FAA Part 107: Let’s Talk Turkey

A license for a car is far less expensive and one could argue that driving a car on a daily basis is far more dangerous than flying a drone responsibly below 400 feet. So, it might be high-time that we examine the costs of the Part 107 and find a way to make it much less expensive, especially for the little guys who fund their own business or hobby.

Drone Geek, Lancaster is Joining the PA Drone Association

Last week we took a huge step in building our reputation throughout the state of Pennsylvania as a leading drone cinematography and photography resource.