The mistake that most cinematographers and photographers make is being overwhelmed with wanderlust. The world outside of Lancaster County is filled with beautiful and interesting sights. However, within Lancaster County, there is quite a lot of splendor as well. Interesting architecture, gorgeous landscapes, and downright quirky features give Lancaster County character that is nearly unmatched anywhere else in the world.


What’s better than a trip to Florida? A trip to Florida in the middle of winter. How spoiled were we that in the middle of January we enjoyed sunny skies and temperatures flirting with the mid-80s? Florida was beautiful and we hope to get back to visit very soon so we can continue to document the beauty it exudes.


We had the opportunity to go on a tour of France in November of 2019. Needless to say, we took that opportunity and ran with it, starting our journey in the south of France at the city of Nice. We’d travel along the southern coast, before redirecting at Toulouse and making our way north up the Loire Valley. We’d end our journey in Paris, which unfortunately as made it illegal to fly drones in its airspace. Still, the moments we captured during the flights we did take were breathtaking.


All of our odds and ends. We always find something to do or somewhere to go and most of the time the drone tags along too. Whether we are on a job that provides some interesting scenery or subject matter or we’re taking a trip just for the fun of it, we always have the drone ready to fly.

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