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Cinematography & Photography

Perhaps the most popular application of drone technology is to capture stunning and unique perspectives from the sky via photos and videos. Drone Geek Productions offers next-level multimedia through a combination of superior piloting and an eye for aesthetics.

Live Inspection & Surveillance

Sometimes capturing photos and videos isn’t necessary for a project, but the aerial view a drone provides is valuable in real-time for companies who need a quick and thorough inspection or surveillance of a property completed. Drone Geek Productions has the ability to accommodate any type of site or structure inspection as well as infrastructure and logistics surveillance — no matter how involved they might be.

Multimedia Production

Whether it’s a commercial advertisement, gallery of photos, or short documentary or informational video drones can bring your project to a new level with a stunning aerial perspective of your subject(s) or engaging B-roll to keep your audience’s attention during transitions. Drone Geek Productions is fully equipped to edit and produce your photo or video projects, complete with necessary audio and voice over.

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