Photography & Videography

We specialize in aerial imaging and pride ourselves on using drones as much as possible in the production of our multimedia projects. If a drone can get the shot, we will use it. However, we have a variety of ground photography and videography equipment to supplement our aerial fleet, ranging from action cameras built to stand-up to any challenge to professional-grade handheld cameras.

Aerial Photography
Aerial Videography

Handheld Photography
Handheld Videography

Mapping & Site Inspections

Using state-of-the-art mapping software, we are able to capture aerial photographs and stitch them together to create 2D or 3D mapping of your property or job site. These maps can provide valuable information from contour and plot lines to volume calculations for a variety of projects such as construction, engineering, general contracting, and surveying.

2D Area Mapping
3D Area Modeling

Land Imaging for Survey
Site & Structure Inspections

Multimedia Production

One of our hidden talents is full-scale multimedia production. We have the ability to shoot, edit, and produce anything from a 15 second advertisement to a full-bodied documentary or other long-form style content. We provide the editing, soundtrack, and voice over that will pull your project together and set it apart from the rest of the field.

Audio Production
Graphic Design

Video Production
Voice Over & Narration