My First Drone Decal – A Half-Baked Review

When I purchased my Mavic 2 Zoom, I thought it was sleek and sexy. The gunmetal grey body paired with silver accents just gave it that cool, secret agent vibe that I wanted in my drone, especially after graduating up from a bulky, white Phantom 3 aircraft. Not only did it pack a punch with a bunch of new features, but it was cool to look at too.

Visiting Little Lady Liberty (Video)

Did you know not far from Pennsylvania’s capital city of Harrisburg one of our nation’s greatest monuments is commemorated in miniature form?

The Secret Passage Under Route 30 (Video)

Between the east-end of the Park City Mall and the west-side of Long’s Park is a tunnel (it’s really just a walking path that passes under Route 30, but calling it a tunnel is more fun) that is accessible to all foot traffic between the two locations.

A French Pilgrimage in 2019 (video)

I just returned from a trip to France, a country that has come into my personal focus due to the results of a recent 23&Me test, and the experience has changed so much of how I view the world around me.